“Never in the moment but, rather freeze time”

First off, i want to take a moment to thank you, for stopping by on my website!!! Thank you for considering me as one of your photographer for your next session or events may be! so yay to social media for bringing us together.

Christina ,who are you?
I’am a mother of two rad sons, a proud Military wife, I enjoy going to Hobby Lobby & forcing my husband into my ridiculous DIY project ideas.I love to eat… like seriously guys, i LOVE to eat! i will probably take an hour or more deciding where i’m gonna eat.. YELP, is my BFF!!! I can’t never
save money for the life of me because, i like to let my mind wander and roam the world every chance that i get. I bleed coffee. lastly, i am SO PASSIONATE in my job. I LOVE my job, i want to be able to capture every milestones of your life. Whether you’re about to pour your heart out to ask your love hands in marriage, saying your vows in front of hundreds of people on your wedding day , and one day…your very own family!!! I am however, obsessed with couples, adventurous elopements, and weddings. I have came to realization, as to why i love this genre of photography because, my husband and i never got the chance to have engagement pictures done & our wedding photos was just a quick moment of us in the chapel.

Never say NEVER!!!
I love to be wild, hanging off cliffs, going into places i shouldn’t be and if i have to get sick to get that perfect shot, uhhh LETS DO IT (of course being safe while doing so)… Whatever, it may be, i’ll travel to the edge of the world to capture your BIG DAY & LOVE ONES!!! So lets get to chatting and create EPIC MAGIC!!

always ready,