Adventure seeker : Pali Notches

This will be one of my most memorable hike living in Hawai’i for the passed 3 years. This was the very last hike, that i had the chance on doing a week before i left the island. It was a bittersweet moment for me… It was also my last hike with Vanessa & Jace. I lied, now that i think of it… my last one was with Juan & Jats to Koko head (that one is more of a PITA than this and Haiku stairs). Looking back, i can’t believe it took me a year in a half ,to actually consistently go on hikes and seek for adrenaline rush.  This hike took a few time convincing Jats to come because, he is “terrified of heights” (or so he said *eyes rolling*). I think it’s just a front that he put up, LOL (love ya Jats) He did Pali Puka with me the very first time. We clicked, and of course that was the start of our friendship (minus first meet up at China Wall on your bday). He later did haiku Stairs with me TWICE, scared of heights…. yeaaaaah right. Anyways, i am so thankful of the people that i have crossed path with.

Jace & Jats….

Jats nearly fixing to walk back down this hike when he saw these notches… HOORAY to Jats!!


I NEED to give a big shoutout to JACE for being our guidances, motivation man, lifesaver, & survivor skills. Without him i don’t think i could managed it down to the first Pali notch… let alone the SECOND one!! Omg, The second notch was SO much higher and sketchy. Jace brought those HIGH QUALITY ropes that are meant for hiking!! I never EVER trusted anyone with my life, like i did with Jace!! Haiku stairs and any other hikes has NOTHING on this one. This hike is definitely a challenged!!


& i quote Jace “I just can’t be those person and not help, If something were to happened to them i would feel bad, knowing i couldve helped them… Even though, they know damn well coming to this hike they need to come prepared!”

So, lady and gents Jaces helped every single one of these gals that were also hiking far behind us. *CLAP HANDS* to my bro Jace! This was the FIRST notch, half of the rope that was broken off!

Vanessa  climbed down the first and second notches like pro… meanwhile, i took forever to go down!


(Look super close to the image above, you can see Aaron is wayyyy ahead of me! See it?)
Aaron, is a friend of my buddy Aly, visiting Hawai’i. He asked to tag along!! The Aloha here is real guys! We’re all welcoming to others and if you’re new to the island. You’ll eventually learn to also. 

Member when i said the second notch was sketchy? well…. i wasn’t kidding!! its much steeper and narrower. There were barely resting spot for me to place my feet or hang onto.
This is Jace being Jace… he’s twice of a dare devil than I am, LOL

1. The first picture of me were caught off guard by Vanessa… but, it turned out pretty cute hahahah, i look like i am feeling myself on this hike way TOO much. Now as you guys can see… The second image i have my foot up. There was a branch/root connecting to the mountain ridge. This is one of those “whyyyy? would you do that ” kind of moment but, i know my judgement people so ,shhhh!!.. If the wind were to blow the opposite way, it would’ve been a done deal for my life. 0.0

(See ?! Theres Aaron again on the above image. It’s that small white speck)

The look of “What the hell am I trying to do here? die or get a bomb picture?” ^^

No worries, Jace & Jace got you guys back… noticed they’re in the background. They were far behind us, (jace was helping those girls earlier) they eventually catches up to Vanessa & I  -_______- .Jace destroyed the branch so, there wouldn’t be another idiot trying to tempt the same idiotic ideas LOL.

Making our way up to the chimney… but, Nobody went up there this time besides Aaron( i believe he did) it was WAYYYY too WINDY and it rained on us for a bit. Plus, i am BEYOND scared of the chimney! no WAY!

whoooooo…. made it to the top, gotta strike a pose. HAHAHA

Couldn’t have gone with a better squad <3


The people that are behind us was waiting for us finished taking selfies and group pics HAHAHA!!!!

Vanessa + Jace

Meanwhile…. Jats is waiting and he’s too happy that this hike is soon to come to an end and we’re heading back. LOL


I am closing this blog by thanking Jats… Because, of him today 10/1/2017 he booked my ticket back to Hawai’i for a week long stay. Doing what we love together. Filmography & photography for a wedding gig that Jats got booked for. I am more than happy and delighted to be working alongside with him again! It feel so refreshing to be able to do something that, you’re so passionate about with your BFF!
Many times, i would complained to Jats (& to my husband and many other friends) how i don’t think my work isn’t all that great… Maybe, i am too hard on myself but, i always critique my work full mode Simon Cowell style, lol. Jats always reassured me that “You are so talented, i love your work and look at all the bookings you be getting. You will go somewhere i believe in you!” …. seriously, i am getting a tad emotional as i am typing this. This friendship was so random, even none of us saw it coming. I would’ve never known Jats if it weren’t for my friend Rebecca telling me about him before she left. It was just an instant DM on IG lol!! So thank you Jats, from the bottom of my heart for this ticket back to where i call “my second home…” I have never had a friend that done this big of a favor and surprised me by telling me ” bissssh, im flying you back!” this mama needs a break and a lot of workout. Mainland has gotten me to be more of a sitting potato… so i’ll be dying with you to Koko head every single day (& asking people for their dried mangos and water because, i didnt bring any LOL).

I can’t wait for what the future will have in store for you Jats. I don’t care what  people are saying about you or has to say, for that matter… All i can do is node my head and try to be understanding to others but, I trust in our friendship that you will always tell me the truth. That is what friendships is all about. no sugarcoating, keep it real, support each other, and tell one another a dumbass (*excuse my language*) when one is acting like one.

See you at the VERY VERY TOP!

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